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Behavioural Economics in RH Magazine!

February 2, 2022

In a recent article, Joana Pais and Sandra Maximiano analyse the impact of several cognitive biases in human resources management. Here you can take a look at some Behavioural Economics contributions to organizational dynamics.

Experimental research on early release of prisoners during Covid now out in Plos One

September 13, 2021

Within the framework of the FCT-funded research project on “The role of meritocracy in legal decisions towards low status groups”, Rui Costa Lopes (co-coordinator of XLab) and his team conducted an experimental study demonstrating the persistence of racial inequalities, this time in terms of the public acceptance of the early release of black and white prisoners (to address the overcrowding of prisoners during the pandemic).

People are more unfavorable towards the early release of black prisoners when they have committed a stereotypically-black crime, but the same does not occur for white prisoners who have committed a stereotypically-white crime. Moreover, this bias is more pronounced for people who endorse the idea of meritocracy.

Read more about this here

Research opportunities at XLAB

May 9, 2019

XLAB is seeking undergraduated volunteer students. We are providing a research opportunity and experience in ISEG’s behavioural research laboratory.

Research assistants are not session participants. They perform a variety of research activities (e.g., help run the experiments, recruit participants).

Interest in social sciences is a plus. Research assistants are volunteer positions with no financial compensation. Weekly hour commitment is to be settled between XLAB and the assistant.

Anyone interested in volunteering in XLAB should contact Professor Sandra Maximiano.


XLAB’s public presentation, May 6

May 1, 2019

The public presentation of XLAB – Behavioural Research Lab will take place on may 6 in room 203, Francesinhas 2, ISEG, starting at 14:30. The speakers are Joana Pais (REM and ISEG, ULisboa), Rui Costa Lopes (ICS, ULisboa), Sandra Maximiano (REM and ISEG, ULisboa), António Silva (The Behavioural Insights Team), Luís Aguiar-Conraria (NIPE and DE, Universidade do Minho), and John Hamman (Florida State University and GATE Lyon). Full program available here.