behavioural research lab


Experimental laboratories are places where decisions are made. Letter (X) is the best sign to represent a choice ,because it is like a cross, representing someone’s decision, at least in the context of a laboratorium. It is a selection that will determinate the outcome of an experiment.

(X) can also be seen as the abbreviation of experiment – E(X)periment!

It is a variable. X-lab will work with many variables, as it is by itself a “variable center”, with its multi-disciplinary programs and experiments.

(X) has also great significance in terms of form. For example, it can represent Leonardo da Vinci´s figure, the Vitruvian man,  centered in a square and a circle.

This drawing represents geometric perfection and human measures, which is quite appropriate for a laboratorium that will study human decisions.

It also represents man in the center of the universe, which has the metaphoric power to remind us of the control we have at the moment we answer.